by Mark Galli
Published: May 9, 2021 (5 months ago)

Recognise the logo? Its the symbol of ENI Oils, formerly known as AGIP. That logo appears somewhere on your Moto Guzzi, and was most likely the oil that came with your bike when it left Mandello. Your Club has secured a bulk purchase of ENI Oil, suitable for all 21st century bikes. Check your owners handbook or workshop manual

ENI I-Ride 5w40 engine  $25/litre

ENI I-Ride 10w60 engine $22.50/litre

ENI Rotra  80w90 gearbox $20/litre

ENI Dot 4 Brake fluid only $5/250ml

Please contact Mark Galli and we can arrange to have some at the next meeting or Club function.